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Help uninstalling McAfee

Hi, please can someone help me, Mcafee was installed on my computer by the it department at the university that I attended for security of the network, I now am using a different antivirus program but can't seem to get rid of mcafee. I have unistalled it using the control_panel/programs and features (Windows Vista) but can't seem to get rid of all of it. I have run mcpr.exe but get an error message "Enterprise software detected. See log for more details" but there is no option to view any logs and I can't find anything if I search for files created on that date. How do I totally unistall mcafee?

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Re: Help uninstalling McAfee

Will move this to the enterprise forum as this is for home products. You seem to have the corporate product.

Maybe this might assist till a corporate expert/user sees this

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Re: Help uninstalling McAfee

I've just updated that page to include manual removal instructions for the latest version of VSE, 8.8i.

The MCPR tool is ineffective with Enterprise and is meant only for the home/consumer product versions.

Unfortunately there is no removal tool per se for the Enterprise versions at all, sorry.

But the links in that document list several removal methods for each version.   

It might behoove you to check with that Uni's IT department what version of VSE it was before you start.

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