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Help: VSE 8.5 installs over VSE 8.7 enabled systems?!?!


I've got a REALLY odd problem:

I've got the following packages installed in my ePO 4.0x environment:

- VSE 8.0
- VSE 8.5
-VSE 8.7

I'm running uninstall jobs for 8.0 and 8.5 daily, followed by a VSE 8.7 install job about 20 minutes later.

I do not have ANY VSE 8.5 INSTALL jobs, but I do have an 8.5 patch job (in case 8.5 shows up on a machine on the network).

For some reason VSE 8.5i keeps ending up on the systems in my environment. 8.7 some how is replaced by 8.5...

What the heck is going on here? [I don't have an 8.5 install job...period.]


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