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Have a Persistent Error

Hello, I have been receiving persistent reports approximately every 5 minutes while browsing the internet (IE9) that my On Access Scanner Service has stopped working. The message takes the form of a popup and as a tab on my taskbar. When I run the McAfee virtual technician I receive the following result:

McAfee Virtual Technician solved some, but not all of the detected problems.

VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0
Notice: Centrally managed product
Problem: DAT out of date
McAfee Policy Auditor Agent
Problem: Missing files (1)

Scan products again

Which is good to know but not particularly helpful. If anyone has encountered or knows a solution to this problem, I'd be grateful for their assistance. Thank you.

Moved to Business > System Security > VirusScan Enterprise - Moderator

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Re: Have a Persistent Error

If its managed by ePO and you are getting the pop-up every 5 minutes - indicates that the agent is trying to re-enforce policies that OAS service should be enabled (if enforcement is configured to trigger every 5 minutes - default).  The agent is possibly trying to re-start the service, but the DAT being out-of date may indicate the updating has not occurred gracefully.  Try running a SuperDAT to force the update to occur - this will update the engine and DAT.  You can get it from here: