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HOTFIX 530900 for VSE 8.70 Patch 2 released

I would like to install directly on the client viruscan Mcafee 8.7 Patch 2 the Hotfix 530900 but it's a zip file and there is no executable

file into it. How can i do that ? Do i have to wait for un exe file to come from Mcafee ?

Thanks for your answers...


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Re: HOTFIX 530900 for VSE 8.70 Patch 2 released

This hotfix only fixes an issue with the McAfee EPO Agent and would explain why there is no executable. The zip file gets added to the EPO server which will then push out the hotfix to epo managed VSE 8.7i clients.

Resolved issues in this release of the software are described below:

  1. Issue: The Access Protection and Buffer Overflow rule file that was contained in the VirusScan extension introduced an incorrectly defined variable that prevented the McAfee Agent from calling back to the ePolicy Orchestrator server if custom policies were made to the rules. (Reference: 530900)
    Resolution: The VirusScan Extension has been updated to include an revised Access Protection and Buffer Overflow rule that does not have this variable.

Re: HOTFIX 530900 for VSE 8.70 Patch 2 released

OK but i'm in charge of antivirus for a large enterprise which have 30000 clients and we are prefering

not use the push method in EPO server in order to control versions on workstations and to avoid network

overload. so we are doing update in the client directly by packet distribution.

Have i to wait for the patch 3 ? Is this hotfix important on clients if i have already done update on the EPO Server 4.0 ?

Thanks beforehands


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Re: HOTFIX 530900 for VSE 8.70 Patch 2 released


first, anything that is checked in and deployed via ePO is not a push but a pull method. If you cehck this hotfix into ePO master repository then it will replicate to other repositories and agents on their next update will recognize it and download form the repository and install it on the client (provided you enabled installation of patches and service packs in ePO update task properties).

Then this issue can be solved by replacing the VirusScan Extension, as there is a thread here that covers it, I'd suggest you to follow this rather than making your clients install the hotfix:

The point here and I think the easiest way is to download the updated VSE extension (attached to the KB article that is referred to in the mentioned post here), then remove your installed VSE extension, then re-install the new extension.