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Full Scan and user cancellation

Hi everyone,

How to prevent user full scan cancellation? we have task which start once in two weeks. Scheduler looks like this


User when scanning starts can't stop it because task is managed by ePO server, but they can reboot workstation and scheduled scaning not performed fully. How to prevent it?

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Re: Full Scan and user cancellation

I'd be surprised if there is much you can do to prevent that if the user can reboot.

Still, this is more a VirusScan question so moving to the appropriate group.

Re: Full Scan and user cancellation


Not much you can do if final users decide rebooting the machine. The only thing you should make sure is to enable the event ODS has been cancelled (1035 and it is enable by default) to make sure you have an overview and you can re-schedule the ODS.

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