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Explanation: Outbreak Control

Could someone please explain to me, what Outbreak Control in the Access Protection means?

Because I thought, that this rules are ONLY active IF a virus has been found on the system.
So I thought, that if I configure File/Folder Blocking, this will only block if the System has found a virus. Otherwise File/Folder access will be permitted.

But obviously this rules are always active, right?

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RE: Explanation: Outbreak Control

Yep, they're always active. I've always found that section redundant.. If I want shares to be disabled, I would do that during normal computer/network setup.

Hope this helps.


RE: Explanation: Outbreak Control

These rules are actually pretty useful. VSE 8.5's ability to protect files and folders from access is an additional layer to protecting your data partition, for example. You can specify a few processes like explorer.exe to be allowed access and block everything else.