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Exclusion for Sharepoint Sites

Hello All,

Any one can help me to exclude a perticular share point sites from VSE exclusion? How we can do it?

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Re: Exclusion for Sharepoint Sites


Check the following to get some idea.


José María

Re: Exclusion for Sharepoint Sites

Hello Jose,

Thanks for update, I am not looking for Sharepoint server exclusion.

for example I want to exclude scanning if some one is uploading any data to site, like dropbox, 4shared. So during uploading to these sites McAfee should not scan.

Do we have any option to exclude any site ( from scanning.

Re: Exclusion for Sharepoint Sites


If i am not wrong (if I am somebody can correct me) you cannot exclude the upload. What you can exclude is the folder (In your case dropbox folder) and the files will not be scanned as they are already excluded.

Please, keep in mind this known issue with dropbox

Issue: DropBox exhibits performance symptoms after installing VSE 8.8 Patch 4.

Resolution: A hotfix is required to solve this symptom, which is not currently available. This article will be updated as newer information becomes available.

Workaround: Exclude folders used by Dropbox. For example, C:\Users\*\Dropbox\ and/or assign DropBox.exe to the low risk profile.

Best regards,

José María

on 28/07/14 19:39:19 CEST