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Empty .bup files?

Good morning, all.

I got a few virus alerts last night and was investigating the created .bup files this morning.  However, when I unzipped the .bup files (per McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to restore a quarantined file not listed in the VSE Quarantine Manager) only a "Details" file was created and no "File_0" file was created.

Furthermore, even though the .bup files had sizes of 112 kb, 592 kb, and 80 kb, their "Details" files had sizes of 0 kb.  Of course, when I did the xor on them, the Details files were empty.

What's up with that?

- Jamie

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Re: Empty .bup files?


I have this issue.  what did you do to resolve it?

i am not using a quarantine manager.  i just pull the file off the system.

I also have bup files i cannot extract...even following KB72755.  did you find something that worked?


McAfee Employee johma
McAfee Employee
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Re: Empty .bup files?


There are some scenario's that may occur where binaries are not saved to the BUP file. 

Please see:


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