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EPS -APPN blocking (basic) and anti-spam "grp shield"

Hi to All,

Good day, may I ask to clarify following: (please see the attached file for the features included in EPS)

1)If the APPN blocking (basic) is a features of VSE 8.8 that blocks the .exe and msi. file using the Potential Unwanted Program Rule?  that deletes the .exe or .msi or other format files, based on the rule that you set.

2)How to know if the anti-spam features of VSE 8.8 are working?, also based on my understanding this anti-spam will be under the On-delivery email scanner? is this correct? and lastly do you need to configure in microsoft outlook 2010 to activate the anti-spam features of vse 8.8?

I cannot test the anti-spam features because we don't have email server in laboratory.

Thank You in advance,