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Daily Virus Scan

Is there any way I can do a daily virus scan at the time of shutdown?
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RE: Daily Virus Scan

Right now we don't have an option to run an Automatic Scan at the time of shut down:rolleyes:. Instead You can schedule a scan daily when your is computer is powered onSmiley Very Happy.

RE: Daily Virus Scan

Desktop & Server (VirusScan / NetShield) section
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RE: Daily Virus Scan

Currently, the choices are:

At System Startup
At Logon
When Idle
Run Immediately
Run On Dialup

I suppose you could schedule a Daily scan, then write a script that shuts down the system after a scan is run...? Just don't ask me how; I'm not a script-writer. grin

Scan on Shutdown

I've been looking for ways to make McAfee scan on shutdown. I've Googled this and found that there are a few other anti-virus programs that will scan on shutdown and power off the machine when it's done. These don't seem to be as robust as McAfee though. Windows will sometimes download updates and install them on shutdown.
I hope that McAfee will some time soon implement something like that as a choice. Since it seems to take quite a bit of processing power, I don’t want to scan when I’m doing other work or watching a DVD because it slows down what I’m doing.
If I could initiate a full scan on shutdown, I would more likely increase the frequency that I scan my drive.
How about a choice when shutting down to “Shutdown”, “Log Off” “Restart” or “Scan With McAfee”.
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Now you got me wondering...

Has anyone ever tried the "When idle" setting? I wonder how well that actually works.
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RE: Now you got me wondering...

why not go to here:
and post a product enhancement request for the next version of VSE.

(bottom option left hand side)
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Shutdown after scan

Actually, what I've seen in another AV was the option to "shutdown after scan is finished". That is a very useful option IMHO.