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Daily Update tasks for DAT's and Sig's - VSE 8.8

Hi All,

Looking at out environement and client tasks it seems we have two daily update tasks running.

1st:  The first task is the AutoUpdate Task that runs within the VSE console.  In the General settings this is enabled (I can't find the specified task or options to edit this - can this be edited?)

2nd:  The second task is a managed task that one of our old administrators created.  Its enabled and from what I can see its doing the same thing as the AutoUpdate task? Is this just doubling up the same options?

I don't even know if this task is running correctly as its last result option is never completed...could this be because the autoupdate task is running first and then is nothing for the second task to update?

Also can someone provide the best practice option for Enabling Randomization (and at what time interval) for the managed update task, ( I have heard randomization should be selected and set at 1 hour)


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Re: Daily Update tasks for DAT's and Sig's - VSE 8.8

The 1st one is the default AutoUpdate Task when VSE is initially installed and is set to run every day at 5 PM.  This task can be disabled via the ePO Console.

Located in the User Interface policies in VSE on the Display Options Tab..  Select Disable Default AutoUpdate Task Schedule.  Note:  Once disabled it cannot be renabled via ePO.  It can only be re-enabled locally.  It does not hurt that it is running unless it conflicts with the managed update schedule.  I always disable that task.

The managed task should run regardless of the first task unless it is set to run at the same time as the default which is unlikely.  You need to do some troubleshooting if it is not running.  Make sure the task is enabled.  Make sure it it pointing to a valid repository and look at the agent logs to see what errors you are getting.

Refer to the ePO v4.5 Best Practice Guide Pages 62 through 64 for recommendations on Enabling Randomization.  McAfee recommends making your randomization window as large as possible.  Say you set a schedule to update every 6 hours.  Then make your randomization window 5 hours and 59 minutes.  The document will give you a better understaning of why to set the randomization window as large as possible.  I would cut and paste it here but for some reason they won't let you paste text in these forums.

Hope it helps.

Re: Daily Update tasks for DAT's and Sig's - VSE 8.8

Thanks, makes sense and I'll be making those changes....can you help with one other thing.

I want to update the McAfee Agent to 4.6,

I have the downloads from the website however the the product guide dosn't specify if there is a required order.  Would you no if this matters?

I have the


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Re: Daily Update tasks for DAT's and Sig's - VSE 8.8

I'd install the extension into ePO first, then the Agent Key Update into the repository, then the agent itself.



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Re: Daily Update tasks for DAT's and Sig's - VSE 8.8

I would suggest disabling the default update task via EPO.