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Confusion... which product is it now?


I'm looking for an anti virus suite for a small business - 5 licenses.
I believe that I need the sav85m or sav85mb (Active VirusScan Small Business).

I have the following questions because I can't find the answers on the mcafee website (to be precisely I always end up on the enterprise pages):
- Can someone explain me what the difference is between the sav85m and sav85mb?
- Is this the version that I need or do I need a different product?
- Which anti virus product is included? Is it 8.7i?
- Does it include Protection Pilot or EPO?

Thank you for your help.
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RE: Confusion... which product is it now?

Small Business products aren't supported here at all so I doubt anyone will be able to tell you what you need to know.

The US product page is here but you can change countries at the top right:

From the "Learn More" link there for "Active VirusScan" (for instance) it states:


Protect your Desktops and File Servers from the estimated 300 new viruses launching every month. Active VirusScan unites the most sophisticated detection, scanning, and cleaning tools for all types of files including mail attachments that arrive at your desktop or file server. Use the included McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator to actively enforce your desired policies, update your virus definition files and create graphical reports of all virus activity.

As per a sticky elsewhere in this section:

We only handle the Home & Enterprise products on this board.

You need to contact Small Business Support.

The USER GUIDE sets out how Gold Support customers can obtain help.

24/7 year-round support is available through the Service Portal and the phone lines.

Check the above .pdf to make sure you are going to the right place for your support.

If you don't have Adobe Reader installed, get the latest version from AbobeCustomer Service links there should be able to help you.