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Computer reboots after USB-key usage

There is a problem with USB-key.

Computer reboots after USB-key (for an application) connection. The computer works properly without the USB-Key. VSE 8.7 is used on that box.

How can the problem be resolved?
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RE: Computer reboots after USB-key usage

I'm not sure if thats about your query, but maybe your computer needs more power supply.

RE: Computer reboots after USB-key usage

What makes you think McAfee is the issue? Are you just unplugging the key or are you using the disconnect device icon so Windows knows it's being removed?

RE: Computer reboots after USB-key usage

Most likely, you are right. The problem is not in McAfee. I have looked through Windows log files and discovered some errors in System pane. That errors apply to hardware or driver problem. Maybe McAfee clashes with software for USB-key. I think this is not McAfee problem...
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