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Computer and Browser Services stops automatically

Hi all,

I am facing a issue in my estate where in for few windows 2000/2003 servers the computer and server services stops automatically and there is no logs in the event viewer.

Has any one has faced this type of problem?

There is a MS hotfix which needs to be installed for the issue (KB932762), but wanted to know if there is an virus related issue.

Thanks in Advance
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RE: Computer and Browser Services stops automatically

Sorry, but are you using a McAfee product and if so, which one?

You mention a single update that might apply.. More importantly, have you installed ALL of the Windows Updates for your servers? If not, please do..

Also, if there is a virus related issue, what have you done to scan for the problem?

There are a number of malware types that can prevent a computer from performing as designed.. Unfortunately, you've told us nothing about what you've already done to fix the issue..

For new types of malware, I start by following the procedures below:

On a separate computer, download the Malwarebytes installer and update files from the links below, copy them to a CD or flash drive, then transfer the files to the problem machine and use them. If you can't start the computer into "normal" windows, try installing, updating, and running the scans AFTER the computer is started into Safe Mode.. I use the sites below to download the installer file and the manual updater:

Once downloaded and before transferring them to the problem machine, rename the program installer "mbam-setup.exe" file to something else like "Gogetum.exe", then copy the installer file and the update file to a CD or flash drive.. Transfer the file to the problem machine, then install the "Gogetum.exe" file, then run the update to get the program current.. After that, run a full system scan and delete anything it finds.

Malwarebytes Installer Download Link (Clicking on the links below will immediately start the download dialogue window.)

Malwarebytes Manual Updater link

Next, download the SuperAntispyware program and the manual updater from the links below. After running the Malwarebytes tool above, if you still can't download and install it directly from the problem machine, download it on a friend or family member's computer as well.:


SuperAntispyware Manual Updater

In a few situations, in order for the program to run, it was also necessary to rename the main "mbam.exe" file also after installing it.. It resides in the C:\Programs Files\Malwarebytes Antimalware folder.

Hope this helps.