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Client task Product Deployment did not install VSE


We have the ePO 5.9 server,.

Trying to install the VSE on itself by using Client Task Product Deployment.

I can see the task become active on itself, and finished. But nothing is installed.

The VSE has checked in to the current branch. But it seems cannot install it by pushing from ePO.

I can manually install VSE using the installation file. 

Is there anything I missed on ePO?


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McAfee Employee johma
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Re: Client task Product Deployment did not install VSE

HI nelson.jin,

Please make sure that you have checked in the following program extensions in addition to the program package.



Your deployment task should look similar to this: 


Save this and when looking at the scheduling set this to "run immediately". Then save. 

VSE should then be deployed. 

If not, please run a MER tool on the system and log a case with support and attach the MER.. 

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