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Central Alerts

I work in an office where we have several remote users and we all use McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.5. We would like a method of all remote users sending an alert to a central administrative computer when it encounters a virus or other suspect file. There appears to be an alert feature already built in but it doesn't seem to work the way we want it. In testing, setting it up to alert a computer did nothing and setting it up to send alerts to a folder just sent an empty text file when it encountered something.

Is there some way to set the alerts we want in McAfee 8.5 and if not, is there another version that does or is there a plug-in or other third party software that does what we want. Thank you.
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RE: Central Alerts

Still looking for a direction for this one. Thank you.


Consider installing ePO at the central location, then re-installing VSE 8.5i to the remote user PCs to report back to the ePO server.

Hope this helps.
Ron Metzger
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RE: ePolicyOrchestrator

That will only work if the client PC is on the same logical network as the EPO server. I believe the OP is asking if there is a solution to do this (or something similar) when the laptop is "in the wild"...