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Cant go in Autoupdate Repository List

I have the same Problem like Desruadh. I cant oben the manuel Repository List. Its grey.

I have intalled the Version 8.7 over 8.0 too. With taken the old Settings from the 8.0 Installation. And i must install 30 Clients in the next 2 Days with 8.7 Version. But i need a manuel Reposity List for the Server Access. Or 30 Client will upate in the same time every Day over Web. And that will busted our Internet Access. Smiley Surprised
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RE: Cant go in Autoupdate Repository List

Have you tried unlocking the user interface with your password ?

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RE: Cant go in Autoupdate Repository List

Prior to installing 8.7i, you should uninstall 8.0i.. It sounds like you haven't done that.. If you installed 8.7i over-the-top of the previous version, you could have a faulty installation which is causing the issue..

Hope this helps.


RE: Cant go in Autoupdate Repository List

Mhh.. yes i have open the Passwort Protection.
I try a new installation with full remove of old Programm Parts before. Hope that fix my Problem.

Fix it

Ok, looks like i have fixed my Problem with full Uninstallation and new Installation.
Looks like the Funktion of Overinstalltion is buggy. In the Moment i can enter the manuel List. I hope its still so after updating the DAT Files. ^^

Thanks for your Help.

But now i have an other Problem: I cant stop the Accessscan. Its grey too. And i have enter the PW.

Found my failure

I found the failure i make. For deaktivate the Accessscan i must deaktivate the Access Protection first.
Now its running as usual. Again one more satisfied McAfee User . grin