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Can't update DAT, Engine, Patch

I have one PC that has been having a few troubles. I can install VirusScan 8.5i and Mcafee Agent 4.0 manually however when I right click the agent icon and click About, it says that VirusScan is installed but makes no mention of DATs, engine, or hotfixes.

I can use the SuperDATS to install the DAT files, but it still doesn't mention anything about the engine in the About, and it still won't update the DATS- just says update failed.

I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the agent and VirusScan, to no avail. I also tried using MCPR.exe and VSCleanupTool.exe when uninstalling but this made no difference.

This has been happening for a while, I noticed this PC had this issue when it still had old 4800 series DATs last month as I was about to upgrade to engine 5300/patch 6.1. I do not believe it is related to the new versions as the PC was stuck on old versions, and trying to manually install new versions didn't fix the issue.

I would like to avoid having to reinstall the OS on this PC to fix the issue. Any ideas?
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RE: Can't update DAT, Engine, Patch

Did you find a fix for this? - I have the exact same issue on 2 of my Citrix Gateway's

RE: Can't update DAT, Engine, Patch

If you have this kind of problem best way is first executing a superdat with the /f option and if it still doesn't work you must have to reinstall virusscan

help please!

hey, Ex_Brit, or anyone, need bit of help...i've got the update error that seems to be annoying so many people...anyways, I started in safe mode, then deleted DAT files, and restarted (like advised), but it still won't update properly : ( Instead it's gone from a warning, into the angry red danger sign! Now i must be stuck with even more outdated files.

Any ideas or advice?

RE: help please!

srry, i should say, i have Security center version 9...and i'm a home user. If tht helps