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Can anyone tell me how to block adware or website popup through VSE

Some users in my environment complain that they get unnecessary web popup(ads) and a new tab opensup in the browser with a unwanted site while browsing.....

Can any one tell why is it caused and what is the remedy for it please...

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Re: Can anyone tell me how to block adware or website popup through VSE

Hi there,

This sounds like a search browser installed by other applications. You can go to add/remove program and uninstall all the search browser and see thet behabiour after that.

You could also run malwarebytes that I think it deletes 3rd party web search applications

Best regards,

Jose Maria

Re: Can anyone tell me how to block adware or website popup through VSE


              You can find Malwarebytes (Free) and other Superb Tools in the following link:



              I might add, to keep Malwarebytes (Free) do not accept the Free Trial Offer/or activate it.

              The (Free) Version will suffice.

                 I recommend running AdwCleaner as well, as it is good for removal of Browser Hi-jackers.

All the very Best,


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Re: Can anyone tell me how to block adware or website popup through VSE

Hello, Magi,

I think you will also need to install McAfee Site Advisor if it is not already deployed.

In fact, McAfee Site Advisor Enterprise is a browser protection solution that can be deployed and managed by using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) server.

The client software runs on managed systems to protect users from threats they encounter while searching and browsing websites with Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome or downloading files with Internet Explorer. SiteAdvisor Enterprise is integrated with McAfee advanced protection solutions.

Benefits of using SiteAdvisor Enterprise

As SiteAdvisor Enterprise runs on each managed system, it notifies users about threats they might encounter when searching or browsing websites by displaying the following:

Safety rating for each site

  • When searching, safety ratings as per the colors indicating the degree of safety appear next to each site listed on a search results page.
  • When browsing, the SiteAdvisor menu button appears in the browser window in the color that matches the safety rating for the current site.

Safety report for each site

  • The report includes a detailed description of test results and feedback submitted by users and site owners.
  • Users access safety reports to learn more about how the safety rating for a site was calculated.

Using the ePO Policy Catalog, administrators can create SiteAdvisor Enterprise policies that determine which sites managed systems can access. They can assign actions to sites based on their SiteAdvisor rating (for example, block red sites and warn users trying to access yellow sites). They can create lists of authorized and prohibited sites based on URLs and domains. Administrators can also customize the messaging that SiteAdvisor Enterprise displays to managed systems, and prevent users from disabling the client software on managed systems.

With the addition of the Web Filtering for Endpoint extension, you can expand safety ratings to include site content and track pages viewed on domain sites. With the addition of Web Reporter you can create detailed reports on websites.

Re: Can anyone tell me how to block adware or website popup through VSE

Hello Magi,

Through the site advisor can block all content adware blocking by adding content to the different classifications (yellow, green or red) in the directives from the ePO.

On the other hand from the VSE, you can block unwanted programs and all the executables from identify processes related to Twitter Search bar or adware.

Then you go to the VSE console and add as PUP or directives from the ePO VSE.