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BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys


according to this article: it seems to be a problem within WindowsXP but I wonder if there is any workaround beside upgrading to Windows 7. It is not a daily problem and is not according to lots of machines but still I'd like to know how to prevent (if possible).

I add the minidump for further analysis and could provide detailed Systeminformations if needed but maybe this is a known behaving or bug an there is an existent solution I did not found so far (No, not upgrading to Windows 7 :-D).

Please feel free to ask for further informations.


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Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys


Do you have any patches for your installed security products installed?

For example the latest patch for Mcafee Enterprise 8.7?

Maybe it was already fixed in those.    

Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys


as far as I understand the behaving is not bound to the Patchlevel of McAfee Products. Instead it is a problem of Window XP but yes. Patches for VirusScan and Agent are all up to date. Nevertheless: Is there some clue or workaround?

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Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys

I think your getting your NT kernel versions mixed up

The KB entry you posted refers to the error occuring on Vista and Server 2008 (NT Kernel 6.0) not XP (NT Kernel 5.1)

Your issue could possibly be more related to this issue

In which case upgrading to 8.7 patch 5 (re-release) might help.

Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys

Yes, you are right...sometimes you don`t see a tree in the woods...whoops...

We'll try that once again and I will report back. Thanks in advance 🙂

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Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys

Hi ,

May this would help you.This is anupdate regarding a compatibility issue in the driver code of several McAfeeproducts when interacting with McAfee Host Data Loss Prevention (Host DLP)9.1+. This issue is critical, but the risk of encounter is low.

This issueapplies to:

  • VirusScan     Enterprise 8.8 Patch 1
  • VirusScan     Enterprise 8.7 Patch 5
  • Host     Intrusion Prevention 8.0 Patch 1

When any ofthese products are operating on the same system as Host DLP 9.1+, random bluescreen errors may occur. Host DLP does not need to be configured, only activeon endpoints for this issue to occur.

Solution:InstallMcAfee DLP Hotfix (compatibility

Re: BSOD - Driver_Corrupted_Expool; mfetdik.sys


due to the upcoming Upgrade from ePO 4.5 to 4.6 (AV8.7iP3 to AV8.8) I´m not supposed to take care of this matter anymore...well, fair enough but...

Thanks in advance for your help and sugggestions, really appreciated

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