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BO:writable BO:stack

I am running Win XP SP2 and McAfee Enterprise 8.5 patch 7
I am getting a buffer overflow warning

c:\windows\system32\svchost:kernel32.loadlibrarya bo:writable bo:stack buffer overflow

Has anyone had a similar problem or any idea how to fix this? I have run several spyware cleaners on one of the PC's infected. ( I have 7 in total) I spent all day yesterday reading and cannot find a working solution. I really need to find a solution any help will be appreciated.
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Hi, i am having similar issues to yourself , and have had no joy. Have you found anything further that could fix it,

RE: bo:stack

What about putting a new image on this machine and removing the users from the local administrators and powerusers group?

Regards, Henno

RE: BO:writable BO:stack

I Experience the same thing too. but my problem it attack servers. the symtoms are:
1. The computer browser service is down resulting to other computer cannot access the infected computer.
2. I see from the event browser we found result as following

"Faulting application svchost.exe, version 5.2.3790.3959, faulting module shell32.dll, version 6.0.3790.4184, fault address 0x0014e84e."

We tried to reinstalling the server and update the windows and the mcafee antivirus enterprise 8.0 suddenly the server switch off again.

how can we trace this virus?


RE: BO:writable BO:stack

I have had no joy with this at all. I have tried malware and spyware removal as well but nothing makes any difference. Does anyone have any clue how to make this go away?

bo:writable bo:stack

I am running win xp with sp2 and mcafee 8.5i with patch 7, My many of the computer affected by buffer over flow.

It is detected as bo:writablebo:stack. Please give the solution and download link.
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Same problem

I am experiencing the same problem, except it is attacking servers and very few client computers, a significant number of my servers are going down any solution would be very appreciated

RE: Same problem

If it's affecting production servers I'd suggest you raise a Case with McAfee Directly....

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