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Autorun.inf virus and ask toolbar


Anyone can advise me...does VSE8.8sp2 with latest updates can detect and remove above items?

My client got infected from a USB drive and now got problem. any anyone help?


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Re: Autorun.inf virus and ask toolbar

Hi tuntun,

Our toolbar is pretty easy to remove using the steps on this page:

If you need any additional assistance, just send a friendly email to our support team via help (at) ask dot com, and they'll provide you with any other help you might need.

Best regards,


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Re: Autorun.inf virus and ask toolbar

ok now i am helping to manually removing your toolbar.

eset users can straight away detect as UPA.

How about autorun virus from usb? looklike mcafee 8.8sp2 with latest updates skipped it.. anyone got issue?

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Re: Autorun.inf virus and ask toolbar

I can't answer that USB question as I'm only familiar with the consumer products so I'll defer to others on that but there is an interesting article on it here: - but thought I'd add a note here re: Ask Toolbar, which by the way is harmless and as stated earlier, easily removable.  The chances are you added it involuntarily along with, for example, Oracle Java updates.  It's often an optional download with Java and must be deselected to avoid the installation.   The same thing can happen with various other pieces of software, especially anything from Adobe - Reader, Flash etc. etc. so one has to keep an eye on these installers or updaters which I know isn't always easy in a business environment.

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