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Attachment Blocker. Is there one?

I am evaluating VSE 8.8 and I was looking for a way to block attachments of a certain type from being sent?  We currently use Scanmail for Domino and i can specify that I don't want .scr or .bat files, for instance, to be sent via email.  I can't find this in the settings for VSE.

I don't want to add those extensions to the On Access policy, because those files are legit and I want to be able to use them on my computer without having them deleted.  i just want them to be removed from emails if they are sent.  I thought the On Delivery Email Scan Policy would have it, but it doesn't.

Is it even possible with this product?

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McAfee Employee wwarren
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Re: Attachment Blocker. Is there one?

It's not possible with the product today.

Today exists the ability to delete attachments you receive, but not ones you are sending. For attachments you receive there is the heuristic option for attachments containing multiple extensions - the downside of this setting is it can delete legitimate files that you might want, if multiple extensions are used in the filename. For example "My legitimate document dated 12.02.2011.doc" would be deleted.

William W. Warren | S.I.R.R. | Customer Success Group | McAfee
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