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All clients trying to take update from a not assigned superagent


I have a problem about mcafee superagents.

How to tell ? hmm, for example I am client with ip and the assigned repository for me is

But it is always looking different on my (the client) side.(and always changes and tries to take update from other repositories) Then I am going back to epo console and  have a look on the repository enable/disable status.But all the distributed repository seems disable except

and this problem is so common on my tree.They are trying to take their updates from SA that are not assigned for them....

(26.700 clients and 246 SA ı have on my system tree)

ePO                                  5.0.0


VirusScan Enterprise

I did not understand exactly how is it possible. what should  ı do to prevent  that?

Maybe you have an idea if you face this problem ?



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Re: All clients trying to take update from a not assigned superagent


have you checked the repository list under managed update - not auto update? same list here?

Do agents pull updates from a nother SA repository (how do you know? made a query/report on repository usage?) or do they just not use THEIR repository - but McAfee default (internet)?

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