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Access protection for UNC paths


in VSE 8.8 P2 I am about to block creating .EXE files under any subfolder of user's Application Data. The clients run Win XP and McAfee Agent 4.5.1852.

When using the following string for filename to block everything works fine: 'C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\**\Anwendungsdaten\**\*.exe'.

But how to do that for roaming users which have their AppData (which in german is 'Anwendungsdaten') folder redirected to the file server?

Users have mapped their master redirected folder to drive U:. So I created a rule to block 'U:\Anwendungsdaten\**\*.exe'. But this rule does not stop me from creating 'U:\Anwendungsdaten\somefile.exe'. Why?

The complete path to the actual directory on the file server would be '\\server1\benutzerdaten\_umgeleitete Ordner\username\Anwendungsdaten'. So I tried the follwing rule:

''**\Benutzerdaten\**\Anwendungsdaten\**\*.exe'. This rule works when I navigate in explorer to the complete path named above. But again it does not prevent me from creating 'U:\Anwendungsdaten\somefile.exe'. Neither does it stop me from creating an EXE going to a DFS path like '\\domainname\Dateizentrale\Benutzerprofile\_umgeleitete Ordner\username\Anwendungsdaten\somefile.exe'. What to do?