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Access Denied when accessing USB Drive


We have EP 4.0 deployed in our network with Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise Patch 7.
A few pc's are getting access denied when double clicking the usb drive. If we right click on the usb drive and explore we are able to access it with no issue. A trojan was found on the USB and it was removed successfully .

Is there a policy that i can disable from Mcafee Default Policy.


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RE: Access Denied when accessing USB Drive

The chance is that the USB drive still has an autorun.inf file on it which is being blocked by McAfee when you double-click on the drive letter.

If you have all current updates on then you can use Group Policy to disable Autorun on removable media.

I'd also suggest deploying Microsoft KB971029 (which restricts Autoplay functionality to CD and DVD devices only) to your PCs: