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8.7 w/ Patch 2 Affecting Exchange?

Our Exchange 2003 server hoses up each day around 1:30pm locally and it lasts for approximately 30 minutes. During this time, no email can be sent/received and we're not able to even access the server with local log on or via remote. There are no logs generated in the Event Viewer nor any other security logs. We are using 8.7 with patch 2 with ePolicy 4.5 running the show. Without having any log files generated we really can't rule anything out and the finger keeps getting pointed at McAfee. Being the VPOC, it's up to me to dispell this myth.

Recently, we built a new mail server using Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007 installed and the only other program on it is McAfee 8.7 w/ patch 2. Upon rebooting the server, it takes a considerable amount of time to come back to a full logon screen. This is what's causing our latest 'finger pointing' at McAfee.

So, has anybody had any problems with Exchange and McAfee not playing nice together? I really would like to debunk this but the more evidence that mounts, it's making it harder.

Also, any serious suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.

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Re: 8.7 w/ Patch 2 Affecting Exchange?

Have you considered uninstalling McAfee to see if it makes a difference? Or going through the settings and basically disabling it, then turning things on one at a time until you hopefully find the culprit?

Re: 8.7 w/ Patch 2 Affecting Exchange?

Yes, I forgot to add.

The settings were actually greyed out and I hadn't told ePolicy about the server nor did it add itself in. We are going to uninstall but this was my last gasp just prior to uninstalling in case somebody had experienced it prior and would have an alternate work around. Thanks Andy and I'll let you know.

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