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5700 Engine

About a month ago I updated McAfee engine from 5600 to 5700.

I have a corporate license to use VSE 8.8 and ultimately used the VSE880LMLRP4 installation file. After the install, I verified the engine was at Now a month later, I went to update the signatures and the engine version indicates 5600.

I originally had VSE 8.8 with 5600 engine installed. I was unable to simply update the engine by applying P4, any other previous patches were already applied. I had to completely uninstall then re-install with the VSE880LMLRP4.

Why is the engine now indicating 5600, not 5700

Thanks so much.

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Re: 5700 Engine


The Engine can also be updated through the Master Repository and Client Task.

Could you check which version of the engine you have in your Master Repository, and in the same branch that your endpoint pulls from during a Client Update Task.



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Re: 5700 Engine

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Re: 5700 Engine

It is installed in a standalone environment Running as a standalone application. No connection to the internet. No connection to a Master Repository.

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Re: 5700 Engine

That being the case you can contact McAfee Support and plead for a SuperDAT package that updates the engine (we don't post this package anymore but have been known to relinquish it to make someone happy), or you can grab the engine binaries out of the online package to just replace the binaries manually (we might even have a KB article describing how you can update the engine manually).

Overview of doing it manually -

Go here:

Agree to the thingame

Click the "Engines" tab

Download this file " ", which is the one for Windows products

And you can use KB58626 as a reference for what files need to be installed and where.

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Re: 5700 Engine

A better KB for you to follow -

KB82747, McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to manually install the 5700 Engine Update for VirusScan Enterprise 8.x

William W. Warren | S.I.R.R. | Customer Success Group | McAfee