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Why does anyone bother to visit here? Or return? [Discuss]

The question was meant to be semi-light-hearted. But, jeez. It's quiet in here. The place looks dead, and very unwelcoming. Why hasn't it got a Coffee Lounge or some other Social Space for non-boring non-technical discussions?  Come on in as your average visitor and see what a difference it makes. You can almost hear the echo of your virtual footsteps fading away into the distance in these cold and empty virtual spaces. It doesn't look all that welcoming, not from this viewpoint anyway.

Most folks who turn up here have a McAfee-related problem, and what they want to see is a welcome page that says, We Want To Help You. Then they want to see something that says, "What's Your Problem?" preferably followed by a list of clickable links to Firewall, Email/Spam, RealTime Scanning, and the rest. What they get is a kaleidoscope of boxes offering information that most first-time and occasional/intermittent users don't give two hoots about.

Go see this place through a worried newbie's eyes. It should be designed to be friendly and reassuring. Seeing it this way, I don't think it is.