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Unable to register new account with FF/Chrome

What a nightmware registring a new account - for some reason the system wont let me logon using my old account which I've been using for years. So I tried to register a new account.

The captchas on the registration screen do not display correctly on FF4/Chromium - i had to use IE8 to register? Is this a general problem?

Then when getting past the registration screen, on the setup profile wizard - the screen size is incorrect and the continue button was not visible.  (and you cannot move the window)

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Re: Unable to register new account with FF/Chrome

I am so sorry for your frustration. I will raise this issue with our vendor.

If you'd like, I can enable your old account. Do you know your previous username or the email address you registered with?

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Re: Unable to register new account with FF/Chrome

I just set up a couple of test accounts because I wanted to see a non-moderator view of the forum. I too encountered problems registering, using Chrome, FF4 and IE8.

Edit - Oops, what a giveaway. Yes, this is one of them. I forgot to log out & back in as Hayton. Oh well, there's still the other one to lurk in  :-)

           And it helps to have a map of the East Riding if you want to guess at what the other one is. Just a clue there.

The Captcha text consists of two words, one of which (in each of six attempts) was almost unreadable because it was blurred (deliberately, perhaps) - two images of the word, one overlaid on the other but offset. Very thick type, so difficult to make out.

But the major problem is that on the registration page, after entering username, password, etc., there is an empty area with the instruction "Enter Code". This puzzled me for a while (I could not proceed past this point because I kept receiving an error message, nor was there any way to cancel the registration process without closing the tab or browser).

Eventually, after going into IE, I noticed that some of the content was blocked because it came from a non-secure server, and needed to be specifically allowed. Only after allowing this did I see that this was the Captcha section.

There are one or two other points about registration as well : the Home Phone Number is set by default to be visible to Registered Users - surely that's not right? - and both user names I chose were entered with an initial capital letter, but now display all in lower-case. I cannot see anywhere to amend the username, and I don't think it can be changed once accepted - but I would like to reinstate that initial capital letter for both accounts.

See the screenshots below for what I mean about the Enter Code puzzle. Only IE8 flagged the fact the Captcha information needed to be allowed.

1. Internet Explorer 8

Account creation IE8.JPG

2. Firefox 4

Account creation FF4.JPG

3. Chrome

Account creation Chrome.JPG

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Re: Unable to register new account with FF/Chrome

April - not to worry - I'm registered now and all seems to be working.

Bielby - Yes , thats exactly the same problems I was experiencing.

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