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Privacy screen and restore filtering window?

At one time the filter worked as follows:  when unblocking a site a page would come up that the patron would click on to unblock the site so that staff did not need to see what was being seen--this no longer happens, and it's not  big deal, really.  The second functionality we have lost is a biggre deal.  When a patron left a machine, if you closed the browser there was another smaller window you could click on to restore the filter.  We no longer have this and it means we cannot check out a machine that has been unfiltered until the session has expired.  Does anyone know when Bess/SmartFilter lost these two pieces of functionality--or are they still available?  Thanks.  Steve

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Re: Privacy screen and restore filtering window?

Hi Steven,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Can you tell me which product you have installed, and I will move your post to the right area.

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