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Level 18

No indication of posts in sub-sections

On the Welcome page the stream of incoming posts is dominated by people posting in the Business section.

The "More" thing at the end of the visible content doesn't work.

That means that effectively the view is limited to what's come in in the past few hours - 2 or 3 hours max in a busy period, maybe 12-14 hours when it's quiet. Anything posted before that has disappeared.

If you go to the Security Awareness section the list of recent posts appears to include posts made to any of the sub-sections (Artemis Discussion, Corporate User Assistance, Home User Assistance and the rest). At the moment that section isn't showing much activity so I can't be sure.

However, if you click on the "Consumer" link you only see a list of the posts made in the Consumer --> Discussions section. Anything posted to one of the sub-sections (SiteAdvisor, Live Support, whatever) is invisible. There's no way to find what's in those sections using the Overview or Content options. "Subspaces and Projects" is not really satisfactory because it shows only the latest post made in each of the sub-sections. Anyone using Overview to monitor activity in this section will see what looks like a little-used Community.

The Consumer section needs to show recent posts using whatever settings have been applied to Security Awareness, for consistency.

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