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How can I go forward in the Attack Log via API at NSM

Hey All!

I'm having an issue to make an automation script for NSM.

The script should get all alerts in Attack Log within a specific period of time, althoulgh as the amount of alerts are greater then 1000 and API only delivers 1000 at a time the reference guide says to use a parameter "page=next" to continue getting the rest of the alerts.

I'm making the first request with the URL: https://[MANAGER-ADDRESS]/sdkapi/alerts?alertstate=any&timeperiod=custom&starttime=08/16/2017 18:14&endtime=08/17/2017 18:14&filter=attackSeverity:Medium

And for the subsequent pages I make the following request: https://[MANAGER-ADDRESS]/sdkapi/alerts?alertstate=any&timeperiod=custom&starttime=08/16/2017 18:14&endtime=08/17/2017 18:14&filter=attackSeverity:Medium&page=next

The manager always send the same first 1000 alerts in the response =/

Does anyone know what could be wrong in the request?

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