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Hi, about McAfee Agent


I want to know about files in the McAfee agent (i.e., frmpkg.exe, sitelist.xml, etc.,)

What are all the files inside the McAfee Agent and what is the work of each file.

Thanks & Regards,


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Re: Hi, about McAfee Agent

I can only give you the same answer that Ex_Brit has already given you : we can't tell you because we don't know.

Someone from McAfee might be able to help you, but you've asked the question in the site-feedback section of the McAfee Community where no-one is likely to see it.

I think the product you're asking about is probably ePO. Is that correct?

(Reply edited. I think this is ePO)

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Re: Hi, about McAfee Agent

Please answer on your other thread, locking this one.

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