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Firewall says that it is on, but then when I click closer it says that it is off. Why?

My McAfee firewall has been acting very strange recently.

It all started a couple of days ago when I took my computer in to get repaired - something with the screen was broken. Anyway, they fixed it. But now, my McAfee firewall keeps turning off on its own. The McAfee center goes red and says that I need to turn it back on. So, I click "turn on." And then the screen goes green, and says that the firewall is working properly again. When I click the firewall section, it takes me to another screen that actually says that it is not on (even though the screen is still green). I don't understand.

And then, after a little while (maybe 20 minutes), the screen once again goes red and says that Firewall is not working.

I've read some other discussions, and I downloaded the McAfee Virtual Technician. I ran it. It said that it identified some issues, but they could not be resolved.

My session ID is: 52347911.

Under VirusScan 17.6.428, it says: Problem: Missing File (1)

Under Personal Firewall 14.6.435, it says: Problem: Service(s) not running (1)

I'm not quite sure what to do. Any suggestions?

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Re: Firewall says that it is on, but then when I click closer it says that it is off. Why?

Open services.msc (in run box) and check if windows firewall and base filtering service are automatic and running.

If not try uninstalling Mcafee and reinstalling from your account.See the link below.

that is what support would do after running MVT so best to try that first before calling them


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