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EPO Drive Encryption Hard-Drive Swap


We're using drive encryption with EPO.  We had a user whose laptop died.  We took their hard drive out of that laptop and moved it into a new laptop.  We now see two copies of the same machine in the System Tree of EPO.  One of them hasn't communicated to EPO since we removed the hard drive out of the laptop.  And the other one is up to date and is in constant communication with EPO.  Should we be worried about the 30 day lockout timer on the drive encryption since that one system can't communicate with EPO?

LaptopA = Drive Encryption State - Active, Last Communication 3/31/17

LaptopA Copy (It doesn't actually say copy, the names are identical) = Drive Encryption State - Active, Last Communication 3/17/17 (The date that the hard drive was swapped)

The only major difference between the two is that the laptop which hasn't communicated in 2 weeks is using an IP address from the VPN subnet.  (Which makes sense, since the drive swap was done at the person's home).  And the laptop that is in constant contact with EPO currently has an IP address from our internal corporate network (Which also makes sense, because they're currently in the office).  In addition, the MAC addresses on the two systems are different.

This is for a VIP in the company and we need to make sure they don't get locked out after 30 days.  Any help would be appreciated.

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