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UTM Firewall firmware 4.0.6 has been released

You can find the new firmware images on the downloads page. Release notes are in the usual place linked to from downloads.

This release addresses a number of important and annoying bugs.

A few words about the 2010 problem mentioned in the release notes are in order. The driver that is supposed to do BCD programing of the Real-Time-Clock (RTC) chip got it wrong and consequently anybody that uses the Date-Time UI to update their real-time-clock will end up setting the year to 2000, instead of 2010. This will not become apparent until the next reboot, as we only read the RTC information at boot time. Users of NTP will be unaffected, as NTP will quickly fix things up after a power-up/reboot.

4.0.6 has the fix. upgrade, set date-time (eg. sync to PC) - done.

To see if your system RTC is currently correct, run the following from the CLI


it will print out what the Real-Time-Clock currently thinks the time is.

There is also a work-around if you can not upgrade, which is to program the RTC manually thus:

  echo -e -n "\020" | dd of=/dev/rtc seek=6 bs=1

this is the 2010 value. again, only an issue if you have forced an update of the RTC manually - so run 'hwclock' first to see if you even need it.

As always, we have worked hard to improve upon the previous release - we hope it works well for you.


UTM Firewall Team