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Routing across a PPTP VPN

I have recently setup a vpn account with a and am now  wanting to route torrent traffic as well as traffic to other  domains/ip's through the vpn connection rather than my default gateway  on my snapgear router.

I have tried to set this up within the static routes section of Network Setup, without success.

I need to be able to route traffic based on destination address as well as protocol.

Has anyone else done this on a snapgear and can you offer some help/advice on doing this?

By the way I own an SG565

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Re: Routing across a PPTP VPN

I assume the VPN connection terminates on your workstation and not on the snapgear ?

If this is the case the snapgear cant assist in routing traffic down the VPN

Re: Routing across a PPTP VPN

No it terminates on the snapgear