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Windows Hello

I have literally never been able to log in to True Key using my fingerprint. My local PIN works immediately, but it refuses to even recognize that my finger is on the fingerprint reader at all. I have a brand new Dell XPS running Windows 10 and I'm trying to log in using the Edge browser. Any advice?

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McAfee Employee marcd
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Re: Windows Hello


Windows Hello will help you log in to your system using which ever security factor you have defined there, the fact you are saying thatt this never worked for you mames me wonder if the issue is not with the Fingerprint reader, so at the hardware level.

You could confirm that, by using another similar appliaction that would require fingerprint or by adding an external  fingerprint reader for only this test.

Obviously, if it work with this reader, the issue wouldlay with your built-in FP reader.

What is important to understand, is that True Key is only invoked to link the Windows Hello security factor to your TK account, so the system can be unlocked using your TK profile.


Marc D.


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