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Unable to Login

Trying to start the TrueKey from the Launchpad is not working, it does launch from the Chrome extension. There after it seems to recognize my face, but then asks for master even though I have only one factor enabled. After entering the master password, it doesn't say whether its correct or not, just goes back to the starting 'sign in' screen. I tried to reset the master password, and it says I need to do it from a trusted device, but this laptop is a trusted device, I verified that from my phone (it's listed under the trusted devices).

What is going on? I need access to the passwords to do urgent work.

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McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: Unable to Login

I need to ask you a few confidential questions, please send me your True Key account email address to "". Also include all devices that you have running True Key (including browsers).


Marc D.