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TrueKey for Firefox disrespecting automatic signout time

I have my automatic signout time set to 7 days.  So why have I had to re-sign into Truekey three times this morning?

This is on Firefox Quantum/Win 10.

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Re: TrueKey for Firefox disrespecting automatic signout time

Same problem with extension using Firefox 60.0.1, Windows 7 with Firewall on.
Have tried changing the auto-matic sign out to different settings but none of them work, always logs me out when I return from sleep or restart PC. Extension works great in Google Chrome tho. PS the reCAPTCHA is annoying af.

McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: TrueKey for Firefox disrespecting automatic signout time


I will make sure to test the scenario of testing the scenario when the PC goes to sleep if the sign out time settings are respected, I will report back in a few days with the results. If an issue is found, I can open a defect so our Dev team can fix it going forward, I will let you know eitehr way if I can or cannot reproduce.

Having said that, this issue wont apply if the PC restarts, this is as per design that your time out settings will get their clock restarted, if this would not be the case it could very well be a security bypass, where someone trying to access your True Key app data will just need to restart your PC to gain acess to the application.


Marc D.

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