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True key stopped sending verification email

I have a problem which is a bit odd. I found only one other with the same problem and had no posted answer as it was sorted privately between McAfee and that guy.

The problem simply is that upon logging onto secure key . I put my email then the master password and then it requires verification by "allagedly sending an email to my email address". It simply never send any emails (i checked the spam, trash ect. and there is no filters). I chatted and called the support center on two seperate occasions and they didnt have an answer even when they remotely logged into my pc. They claimed that this is the security system whic has to send the email to me. If it doesnt then no one can help. !!!! I guess this is a major short comming of the software.! (not only that there is no work around but the support team as well ) This occurs on my Laptop as well as on my mobile. Prior to reinstalling windows on my laptop it used to do this only with Google chrome and classed ege as a trusted device but now Microsoft edge as well.... so much for the slogan, "say goodbye to passwords" Anyone help.

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McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: True key stopped sending verification email

I can check this for you, please send an email to "" with your True Key email address account.


Marc D.

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