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True Key issues


i have tried true key because Lenovo password manager (have Lenovo x240) said that replacement for it is true key software from intel, so ok i installed true key, created account, it asked me if want to import my passwords from chrome (f. mistake), ok import them and vhooolaaa, i have 240 saved logins.i don't need them all, i need only few, ok i'm sure that i can delete them all i create only what i need, i'm sure intel, mcafee, lenovo with this software can do that normal thing. yes, sure they can, what a f. mistake.

Now how do i delete those logins, 1 by 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, there is no option to delete them all, so i had to delete 1 by 1  240 times, and those notifications that i deleted the saved password are popping out through the whole right part of the screen and i need to wait for them to disappear so i can continue on clicking delete icon to delete the saved login!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you can think how the f. was this frustrating for me. how much time did i f. spent to delete the 240 saved logins with pause of waiting for those annoying popping up of notification about deleted login

I'm backand and front end developer for 10 years, working in broadcast industry, and i know to add something like multi select, select all, delete selected, check selected, uncheck, delete all................etc............ is minor feature to develop so why did you not develop that, can i please ask who did this development, who is product manager, please forward this frustrating problems to him.

also why is there no option to deactivate the account, wtf is this, this is not legal, software should have option to deactivate the account, not that we need to send the emails to support to deactivate it.

i'm waiting for the feedback



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