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True Key Keeps Logging out / locking / closing

I have to log into true key multiple times a day.  Whenever I close my laptop screen, or leave it alone for more than 15 minutes or so, I have to log in.  I keep the program minimized, and the option to lock out is set for 7-days.  Also, instead of using my face, it randomly requires me to enter my master password.  Occasionally it will use my face, but the password request seems to come at random. 

I seem to be spending more time repeatedly logging into true key, than I would if I just use my browser to store passwords for all of my sites.  Is there an easy fix?  Or is this just poor design?

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Re: True Key Keeps Logging out / locking / closing

I will ask a expert to assist you.

​  Could you please assist this customer?

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Re: True Key Keeps Logging out / locking / closing

Good evening,

This is not a normal behavior and certainly not by design. I would love to have some more information in order to better isolate the problem.

Let me know if this problem is with the TK desktop or the Browser extension model, quick way to know which one it is, if you open the launchpad does it open on your desktop or on another browser tab.

Also, what is the operating system version you have and the device (Desktop, MAC or mobile device) you are running it on.

Do you have any other systems running True Key on.

Finally, what is the True Key version number.


Marc D.

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Re: True Key Keeps Logging out / locking / closing

Issue could be related to "When do you want to be signed out?" setting within the App? What does your setting say? And have you tried to increase the time limit?

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 14.07.05.png

It's also worth noting that closing the app will mean you have to login again, regardless of this setting.

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