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Quickly navigate multiple logins?

Hi, I am a consultant for a popular online presence and have hundreds of logins to this particular site

When I pull up the login page, I have a True Key list of hundreds of logins, which is nice, but is there any way to search through them?  Like a type-ahead auto selection?  Or a search?

If not, any plans for it?   this is a show-stopper for me...



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Re: Quickly navigate multiple logins?

ymdfarhan   ganeshrajur
  Can you assist this user with his question please

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McAfee Employee

Re: Quickly navigate multiple logins?

Hi Joseph,

From the browser we do have a way to quickly search through several assets for the same domain. Having said that, an acceptable workaround would be doing in from the True Key dashboard where you can indeed search trough these logins and even edit their login title to be better organized. I would also encourage you to suggest this feature in


Marc D.

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