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Multiple Issues with True Key

Took a chance and got a multi-year subscription to True Key. I've been using it for about 6 months and overall I have not been happy with the user experience.

Before I decide if I want to go with a competitor, I have a few issues I could use help with:

(1) True Key Instant Login does not work on my Pixel 2. Actually, it also did not work consistently on my Pixel, but on my Pixel 2, it recognizes app logins less than 5% of the time. It does not recognize websites logins at all. I have tried enabling and disabling the feature as well as installing and uninstalling the app but nothing has worked so far.

(2) The login prompt will appear annoyingly when I do not choose to use instant login on chrome. When I disable instant login for a website I don't want the login prompt to appear. This is super annoying for pages like reddit where the prompt will appear on every page - when I scroll down and click anywhere it will jump to the top and highlight the contents.

(3) Instant Login is incredibly inconsistent. I find that I have to open True Key app and copy and paste the username and password frequently. Is there a fast way to copy the username on Chrome? I hate that I have to click Edit and copy the username - there should be a faster way.

(4) True Key will auto-save masked usernames with the same password. One example is TDBank. I saved a login username as MYNAME and the website will mask the username as M*****E. True Key will then save the masked username even when I used the full username to login. It's a completely useless to save that duplicate because you obviously can't use that username to log in.

(5) True Key doesn't save app Log Ins. I have to manually go in and create the Log In.

Overall, I am not satisfied with the True Key experience but any help above would be appreciated. I think there's a lot of work to be done and I haven't seen any features added or updated since I signed up for the app. There is such inconsistency in when a feature decides to work (Instant Login) and the truth is that I have to manually add almost every login.


PS - is there a process for refunds?

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