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How to find my trusted device

I have forgotten or do not have my trusted device firm years ago. 

Now wanting to use true key again whenattempting to log in to my account I cannot as I dont t know my trusted device.   How can I either find what it is, or make a new one,   also how can, i add more?? 

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Reliable Contributor selvan
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Re: How to find my trusted device

Moved to TrueKey as an appropriate spot.

McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: How to find my trusted device

Good morning,

As soon as you as you will attempt to login to True Key if it recognizes this device to be the first time you are logging in it will prompted you to trusted by sending a push notification to the device that you have trusted the first time you used the application, you can also choose to send an email to your True Key email address to trust the device. If you are opening True Key with a device that you have used before with our application, it should still be trusted.