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How do I turn off auto-fill?

I have disabled "Use Instant Log In" because I didn't want True Key to log me in automatically to a site, but True Key still fills in the user ID and password fields for me automatically. Is there any way to turn this off?

The auto-fill feature is actually problematic, and it was a problem also in the predecessor to True Key — Lenovo's Password Manager (Lenovo's was worse because it stored more fields than just the user ID and password, and those stored fields cannot be removed). In an ideal world, a password manager is able to figure out and fill fields correctly, but this often isn't the case, and it breaks things. Examples:

  • Hidden fields. Many sites have hidden fields that may look like login and password fields to the password manager. However, those are not meant to be user-filled, and I have encountered sites which become broken because changing these fields screw up the internal functions/code of the site. In an ideal world, websites are coded properly and do not use such hidden fields, but our world is far from that. The problem gets worse when Instant Log In is turned on — the app will submit these hidden fields, refreshing the page and breaking everything, which can render the whole site unusable.
  • JavaScript preventers. Many sites, such as my bank and others like Dyn's management console, prevents submitting the login form if credentials are filled immediately (such as before the site fully loads). This might be a bug, or even a feature to prevent bots from brute forcing accounts. Some even detect key presses (but this is rare). Auto-filling in such cases slow me down even further as I have to clear the fields and refill, or mess around with the fields.
  • The third field. Some sites require an organisation/company ID in addition to the user ID and password. Many password managers do not support such a third field, and so Instant Log In becomes useless and annoying. It is less so with auto-fill, but still annoying, especially when the organisation ID is required before the user ID/password — the auto-fill breaks the form.
    At other times, the third field is the one-time password field. In my country, unlike the US, every bank is required to use OTPs even at the consumer-level, and often they use a password field (instead of a text field unlike Google or other sites), which True Key detects and fills in with my password instead. This is annoying with auto-fill, but is completely unusable with Instant Log In, as it will submit the OTP with my password, which is incorrect and could lock me out of my bank account.

I mentioned in another post that I didn't want to use Instant Log In, and these are the reasons. But auto-fill is almost as annoying. Therefore, can we turn it off, or have such a feature?

So far, I found that Keeper handles the above problems very well by not instantly filling, and giving the user the option to choose which fields to fill, and the option to add custom fields. The main problem with their product is they do not support hardware integration on the desktop (such as the use of fingerprint login, TPM, AES instructions in the processor, etc., so everything is slowed down), and their Android app/keyboard is broken.

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Re: How do I turn off auto-fill?

There isn't a setting to currently disable auto-fill. I too find this annoying, but that's the way it is at the moment. The only options you have at the moment are:

  • rely on auto-fill and manually enter the missing credentials and deal with these special cases as you usually do
  • remove the browser plugin and rely on copy+pasting the credentials each time (note that the Desktop app is being phased out, so this option won't work in the long term)

Hopefully someone from the True Key team will pick up this suggestion and add it to the development road map.

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