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Emergency Access

Does TrueKey support or plan to support something like LastPass's Emergency Access?  I found this feature of LastPass incredibly re-assuring as it meant that I could sleep easy knowing my loved ones would be able to regain access to all of my accounts and resources if something were to happen to me, but without requiring me to worry about my loved ones maintaining rigorous operational security (I relied on LastPass for that).

I have a number of resources behind lock and key that, without the proper credentials, will be lost forever with no means of recovery.  If I were to parish suddenly I would like my loved ones to be able to eventually access those resources, though perhaps after a sufficiently long delay (LastPass Emergency Access lets you choose the delay period).  I also do not trust my loved ones to maintain good operational security, so I do not want to give them direct access to my secrets.

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Re: Emergency Access


This is a great idea and one that has been in our backlog for some time. I have forwarded your suggestion to our product team and I will check with them going forward where we are with this.


Marc D.

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