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E-mail change

I have a type-o in my e-mail i entered for true key.  I cannot edit the e-mail in my profile!  This is a huge flaw with the system!!! Please tell me i am wrong and there is an easy way to change my e-mail.  If there isnt i suggest an update be made immediately to fix this.  The e/mail should at the least be confirmed before making perminent. 

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McAfee Employee marcd
McAfee Employee
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Re: E-mail change

Unfortunately today there is no easy way to edit the account profile email address. It is something we have been asking but this will require some time to be put in action as major parts of how the account gets created will also need to be modified.

I dont think you have any data stored with the wrongly typed email address so I wont suggest how to import/export your data to the correct email address.

I will look for ways to expedite confirming an account email address before creating it.


Marc D.